China Southern Power Grid: Budget 8 billion to invest in new businesses such as distributed photovoltaics and distributed wind power.
2024-05-14 16:23

On May 13, China Southern Power Grid released the "Investor Relations Activity Record Form on May 10, 2024". According to the disclosure in the table, the company's 2024 budget has a fixed asset investment plan of 8 billion yuan, mainly invested in distributed new energy such as distributed photovoltaics, distributed wind power, and new business areas such as energy conservation.

China Southern Power Grid pointed out that since its establishment, China Southern Power Grid has been focusing on distributed photovoltaic business based on the model of “self-use for self-use and grid-connected surplus power”. The company's current industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic projects involve automobile manufacturing, home appliances, tobacco, shipbuilding, machinery and heavy industry, biopharmaceuticals, food processing, warehousing and logistics and other industries. Its 2023 annual report shows that the annual revenue was 2.988 billion yuan and the net profit attributable to the parent company was 310 million yuan.

At present, it has become the largest industrial and commercial rooftop distributed photovoltaic investment and operation service provider in the country and the leading domestic green building energy-saving service provider. As of December 31, 2023, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation projects in the company's industrial energy saving-distributed photovoltaic energy-saving projects and comprehensive resource utilization-agricultural photovoltaic complementary business is approximately 2,219.93MW, and the annual power generation in 2023 is approximately 2.080 billion kilowatt hours.

In the first quarter of 2024, China Southern Power Grid continued to focus on its two basic businesses of industrial energy conservation and building energy conservation. The company's distributed photovoltaic business in the industrial energy-saving segment continued to grow steadily, achieving operating income of 240.6658 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of approximately 12.23%. In addition, the company held household photovoltaic seminars and actively explored the feasibility of further developing household photovoltaic business. After preliminary research and judgment, it has launched pilot projects in Guangzhou, Zhanjiang, Maoming, Foshan, and other regions.

China Southern Power Grid stated that the participants in the industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic market are gradually showing a diversified situation. In the future, as the state increases investment in this field and further improves the policy support system, industry mergers and acquisitions will accelerate, and concentration will continue to increase. Enterprises with strong financial strength, integration capabilities and innovation capabilities will become the main players in the development of the industry. strength.

China Southern Power Grid believes that the future market space for industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaics is still huge, for the following four main reasons:

First, driven by the "dual carbon" strategic goal and supported by industry policies, distributed photovoltaics have become an important starting point for my country's energy low-carbon transformation, with huge potential market space.

Second, as more and more industries move from the southeastern coastal areas to the inland, a larger number of new factory roofs are built every year.

Third, some existing distributed photovoltaic power stations have low power generation efficiency due to early technical limitations or improper operation and maintenance. With the rapid advancement of technology, these enterprises also have the need to upgrade.

Fourth, as the price of photovoltaic modules drops, areas and projects that previously did not meet the yield requirements due to lighting conditions, electricity price levels, etc. can also be developed.

It is understood that the industrial and commercial distributed photovoltaic projects carried out by the company mainly adopt the model of "self-use for self-use, and the surplus power is put on the grid", giving priority to providing power to energy-consuming units, and the remaining power generation is purchased by the regional power grid. For the portion of electricity consumed by energy consuming units, the company negotiates with the energy consuming units to determine the electricity price, and settlement is generally made monthly based on the negotiated electricity price and electricity consumption. The on-grid part is settled monthly according to the benchmark electricity price of local desulfurization coal-fired units and the on-grid electricity.


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