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Bill Gates’ Next Gen Nuclear Power Plant to Be Located in Almost-Defunct Coal Power Plant in Wyoming It would appear that the new nuclear power plant funded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates has finally found a home. The next gen nuclear.. [more]
Siemens Mobility to Research New Hydrogen Storage Technology that Does Not Require High Pressure and Low Temperature Storage Hydrogen is regarded as a carrier for clean energy, and a carbon reduction technology vigorously developed by the international sector rig.. [more]
South Korea Developed a 20µm Lithium Anode with a Coulombic Efficiency of 96% South Korean scientists have recently achieved breakthroughs in the study of lithium batteries, and we are now one step closer to safe lit.. [more]
Algeria Will Commence 1GW Solar Tender Between June and July 2021 Algeria’s Ministry of Energy Transition and Renewable Energies has announced that the country’s long-awaited 1GW solar tender will.. [more]