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TrendFore: The supply and the demand of polysilicon would be structural tight equilibrium, and the price will reach the inflection point in Q2. Traditional energy is gradually depleted and global warming is getting worse. Building renewable and sustainable energy systems has become.. [more]
Unstoppable Development of 600W+ Modules from Over 44 Module Makers Capable of Production for High-Efficiency Modules in 2021 The development structure of high-efficiency PV modules has further deepened since 2021, and the development of 600W+ ultra-high efficie.. [more]
TrendForce: How Competitive is the N-Type Cell in the Post-PERC Era? Amid constant iteration in high-efficiency cell technology, domestic businesses have exceeded 23% in the efficiency of mass production at n.. [more]
TrendForce: Polysilicon Prices Slightly Deplete in Q3 and May Surge Again in Q4 2021 marks the first year of China’s initiation of carbon neutrality, where the concepts of emission peak and carbon neutrality are incorp.. [more]