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Global Forecast Model Facilitates Determination of PV Power System Sites A Danish research team has rolled out a PV power generation forecast model, claiming that it can forecast the PV power output at any .. [more]
Solar Car Lightyear One Scheduled to Hit the Road in 2021 Dutch startup Lightyear has started to accept orders for its solar-energy car, dubbed the “Lightyear One,” which is scheduled for a f.. [more]
Electric Car Development to Bring IGBT Revenue Past US$5.2 Billion in 2021, Says TrendForce According to TrendForce, electric cars have already become the main motivator for growth of the future car industry, and are expected to.. [more]
[2019 SNEC] Trends in the Development of Solar Power Technology from SNEC Exhibition: Modules with Lower Costs and Higher Efficiency and Inverters Featuring Lower LCOE The eye-catching SNEC PV Power Expo took place in Shanghai last week. This event has been held annually during late May and earl.. [more]