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Taiwan’s PV Industry to Become a GW Scale Market: Obstacles and Outs To keep up with the global shift to renewable energies, the Taiwanese government has passed the first large set of amendments to its Rene.. [more]
Reaching a Conversion Rate of Over 23%: When Will High-Efficiency Cells Become Widely Adopted? Several solar projects that are under China’s Top Runner Program officially commenced construction on 4 March 2019. Located in Sha.. [more]
Persistent Challenges Impede Adoption of HJT and Shingled Cells as Leading-Edge PV Solutions The phasing out of renewable energy subsidies worldwide have led to unprecedented changes in the solar industry. From diamond-wire sawing.. [more]
Car Manufacturers Turn to Electrification to Turn the Tide in 2019, with a 28% Growth in Electric Vehicles, Says TrendForce Global research institute  TrendForce  asserts in its latest  Global Automotive Market Decode for 1Q  report that the global aut.. [more]