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Audi Launched Digital Virtual Exterior Mirrors that E-Tron Owners Can Upgrade for Free Audi has recently announced to offer digital virtual exterior mirrors for production cars. The glass covers of this system's camera lens .. [more]
Aggreko Completes the First Battery Energy Storage Project for the Largest Electric Coop in the US Aggreko, a multinational company that specializes in generation hire, stated in a press release on October 28 that it has finished the set.. [more]
AES Gener Breaks Ground for the First Solar-Plus-Storage Plant in Chile Chilean power producer AES Gener announced on October 15 that it has commenced construction of a solar-plus-storage plant named And.. [more]
Pandemic Tests the Achievements of Smart Power Grids in Various Countries seen from Changes in Electricity Consumption Habits and Elevated Ratio in Renewable Energy The COVID-19 pandemic has created limited impact to renewable energy, which is expected to continue to grow in the long term, and the.. [more]