Tongwei Ads in Melbourne, Testimony to Brand Strength
2023-11-03 17:40

The 2023 All-Energy Australia took place in Melbourne on October 25-26, and Tongwei was there, covering all major transportation hubs and high-traffic areas in the city with towering advertisements for its high-efficiency modules and employing a powerful mix of online and out-of-home advertising to demonstrate the advantages of its high-efficiency modules and enhance the global image of the Tongwei brand.

(Ads for Tongwei high-efficiency modules adorn the buildings of Melbourne)

Widespread advertising for a powerful brand

As the global photovoltaic (PV) market continues to grow, many PV companies are faced with the issue of how to distinguish themselves among the rush of players seeking to carve out a place in the market. When Tongwei entered the module segment in 2022, it decided to place the focus on its intelligent manufacturing advantage, on display throughout Melbourne during All-Energy Australia 2023. Extensive coverage encompassing major business centers and transportation hubs throughout the urban center incorporated a wide range of powerful, frequently timed publicity to reach the hearts and minds of the Australian consumer.

The ubiquity of Tongwei's high-efficiency modules at the All-Energy Australia 2023 confirmed the company's masterful use of overseas marketing platforms and channels and once more placed the spotlight on the remarkable strength of the brand.

(Ads for Tongwei high-efficiency modules on the buses and transportation hubs of Melbourn)

Empowering end customers while supporting partners

It is thanks to the maturity of its present market operations that Tongwei is able to provide its partners with marketing strategy advice and assistance throughout the entire lifecycle while remaining flexible to ever-changing market demands and programs, ensuring business development and strategic marketing objectives always align.

At the same time, premium market services and effective marketing channels mean Tongwei’s local partners are properly equipped to explore new business opportunities, expand into broader markets, meet the diverse business needs of end customers, and propel Tongwei to even greater heights.

(Ads for Tongwei high-efficiency modules at Melbourne Airport)

Industrial support to satisfy global demand

Tongwei’s superior business model has made it possible to upscale advanced production capacities for modules across its three major manufacturing bases in Yancheng, Jintang, and Nantong. The 25GW Yancheng and 16GW Jintang high-efficiency module projects in full operation have already raised Tongwei's annual production capacity for high-efficiency modules to 55GW.

Some of the measures Tongwei has introduced to meet the needs of downstream customers for more economical, efficient, and reliable module products include high-transmittance glass, light reflective busbars, cross-patterned films, and large-sized SMBB rectangular cells, and it is this ingenuity coupled with refined industrial chain management that has made Tongwei an industry leader for product power and reliability. Tongwei has combined the advantages of its own PV industrial chain to magnify quality, cost-effectiveness, and scale and harnessed leading TPC, TNC, and THC technologies among others to satisfy the unique business needs of customers around the world in the household, industrial, and commercial markets as well as power stations, leaving no potentional user without their own tailored solution.

(Tongwei high-efficiency module intelligent production line)