From green "intelligent" pioneer manufacturing to Fortune Global 500 listing, TW(Tongwei) Solar leads the industry’s upgrading & transformation
2023-08-30 17:08

The Fortune Global 500 ranking measures the overall strength of large companies worldwide. The recently released 2023 Fortune Global 500 list featured many industry giants, including TW(Tongwei) Solar Group, at 476th place with revenues of RMB 214.882 billion. TW(Tongwei) Solar’s Fortune Global 500 listing, the first for a photovoltaic company, undoubtedly in part represents the photovoltaic industry’s rapid development, and also marks the beginning of an historic new journey for industry and enterprise alike.

Stepping out onto the Fortune Global 500 stage as the first company in the industry

Since entering the photovoltaic industry in 2006, TW(Tongwei) Solar has made numerous “from zero” breakthroughs and industrial achievements. Inclusion as the first photovoltaic company in the Fortune Global 500 marks out TW(Tongwei) Solar as the industry’s true “number one”. According to its annual report, TW(Tongwei) Solar ranked first in the photovoltaic sector by both revenues and net profits in 2022. Behind these high revenues and profits lies the company’s strength in achieving continuous, steady development and comprehensive industry leadership. TW(Tongwei) Solar has established an integrated photovoltaic industry chain with a focus on high-purity crystalline silicon and high-efficiency cells and modules, creating advantages in scale, technology, cost and quality that are leading the industry's continuous development, and have established an important role for TW(Tongwei) Solar as a participant in the global photovoltaic new energy industry, and as a driver of its growth.

As a leading silicon materials company, TW(Tongwei) Solar ranks first globally in terms of high-purity crystalline silicon production and sales volumes.

Leading cell manufacturer: TW(Tongwei) Solar’s cell shipments have ranked first worldwide for six consecutive years.

In August 2022, TW(Tongwei) Solar entered the module sector. Quickly joining the global top ten for module shipments, TW(Tongwei) Solar is now striving to achieve 80GW production capacity...

This series of datapoints reflects TW(Tongwei) Solar's massive share of the photovoltaic market. Recognition as a Fortune Global 500 company represents the official debut of TW(Tongwei) Solar, and other photovoltaic brands, in the world stage, and the start of their global presence. In future, through global cooperation, TW(Tongwei) Solar’s industry influence will grow stronger, creating new development opportunities for the entire industry to embrace.

Mastering innovative technologies, continuously seeking new heights of development

How was the Fortune Global 500’s first photovoltaic company created? Looking back at TW(Tongwei) Solar’s history, in every development breakthrough and achievement, the company has been driven by innovation, market centeredness, and adaptation to new trends. By the end of 2022, TW(Tongwei) Solar had applied for 2,411 patents in the photovoltaic industry, obtained rights for 1,396 patents, and employed over 3,500 R&D staff. Currently, TW(Tongwei) Solar has established three leading photovoltaic technology R&D centers ranking amongst the best in China, showcasing the company’s solid technological expertise.

With innovation also set to be key in future success, TW(Tongwei) Solar has always adhered to technology-led development. Taking high-purity crystalline silicon as an example, TW(Tongwei) Solar's independently-developed core technology for intelligent manufacturing of high-purity crystalline silicon in China has now iterated to the "Eighth Generation Yongxiang Method," reaching “eleven nines” (99.999999999%) purity in terms of key impurity elements, and a monocrystalline rate in excess of 99%. In the cell sector, TW(Tongwei) Solar is actively promoting the development of N-type silicon technology, and has established the industry's first 1GW 210 TNC mass production line with industry-leading 25.7% efficiency for TNC cells. In the module sector, TW(Tongwei) Solar's self-developed THC production line has achieved maximum efficiency of 26.49%, and its 210-66 heterojunction module has reached front power of 743.68W. Continually surpassing technological boundaries, in this year alone, TW(Tongwei) Solar has set four records for heterojunction module power, taking the lead in the industry’s upgrading.

Each generation of these figures reflects TW(Tongwei) Solar's three core competitive advantages in the photovoltaic industry: innovative technology, efficient products, and a strong product supply chain. With these three competitive strengths, TW(Tongwei) Solar has firmly assumed the position of “number one” photovoltaic company in the Fortune Global 500, fully leveraging its leading advantages, collaborating in synergistic innovation with upstream and downstream industry partners, and continually taking the industry’s development to new heights.

TW(Tongwei) Solar's latest R&D achievements on display at Brazil’s Intersolar showcase the firm’s intelligent manufacturing

Technological innovation has become an important “calling card” for TW(Tongwei) Solar’s opening up of international markets. From August 29th to 31st, Intersolar South America, that continent’s largest and most influential solar energy exhibition, will be held in São Paulo, Brazil. At Intersolar, TW(Tongwei) Solar will showcase a series of P-type and N-type star product modules, including half-cell modules, which provide comprehensive coverage of market needs, and shingled modules, whose advantages include flexibility, low lead and fluorine-free composition, and environmental friendliness.

During the event, TW(Tongwei) Solar’s latest technological achievements will be on display, including the TNC technology-based TWMNG-72HD, and the TWMHF-66HD. incorporating silver-free and THC technologies; These new products offer customers higher power output, lower BOS costs, and lower LCOE. With environmentally-friendly and intelligent products suited to application in highly diverse scenarios, TW(Tongwei) Solar is set to contribute greatly to the energy transformation of South America, and to the joint construction of a global low-carbon future.