Continuous Innovation and Breakthrough – TW Solar Unveils Groundbreaking Modules in Brazil
2023-08-22 17:48

Since the extension of its business scope to fully cover the segment of photovoltaic (PV) module in H2 2022, TW Solar has delivered excellent results in terms of PV modules as an auspicious start. As a new player in the module industry, TW Solar quickly made it to the list of Tier 1 PV module manufacturers with its efficient and high-quality products and leading technologies, ranking among the Top 10 module enterprises in terms of shipments in 2022.

As the global energy transition is accelerating, TW Solar has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many large enterprises around the world to keep pace with the development trend. TW Solar and its module products have appeared in a number of international energy exhibitions since the beginning of this year. While continuing to provide advanced technology and good-quality products for the international markets, it has been highly recognized by customers from various countries. TW Solar has been consistently exploring more "PV+" application scenarios. By combining PV with scenarios such as rooftops, schools, crop and animal husbandry, and desertification control, it provides product solutions to different regions, weather conditions, and scenarios, realizing groundbreaking development in the application of PV.

The Power of THC Modules Breaks Records Four Times, TW Solar to Attend the Exhibition with Its Latest Technological Achievements

As one of the largest and most influential events in the solar energy industry in Latin America, Intersolar South America is set to be held in Brazil from August 29 to 31. At the event, TW Solar will unveil multiple groundbreaking module products. It will also organize somatosensory football interactions, advanced technology exchange meetings, and other activities to discuss and cooperate with professionals in the solar energy industry from all over the world to jointly promote the development of global green energy.

Technology R&D is one of TW Solar's core competencies. The company has made many breakthroughs in module technologies. The products about to attract the most attention at this exhibition will definitely be the new modules TWMHF-66HD and TWMNG-72HD, which represent TW Solar's latest achievements of technological transformation. TW Solar's modules have broken records four times within only half a year since January this year. The increase of more than 20W in module power from 720.71W to 743.68W signifies the arrival of the era of 740W-plus module power.

TW Solar will unveil the model TWMHF-66HD underpinned by THC (Tongwei HJT Cell) technology, with a maximum power of more than 743W. TWMHF-66HD is the first HJT module product in the industry that combines silverless technology, ultra-thin silicon wafer, double-sided microcrystalline technology, high-performance target doping, light injection, and other leading technologies. It can improve efficiency by more than 1%. TW Solar began the R&D of THC technology in 2018. Now it has built China's first GW-level HJT production line and the first copper interconnection pilot line in the industry.

The new module product TWMNG-72HD adopts the high-efficiency TNC (Tongwei N-type passivated contact cell) technology developed independently by TW Solar. With its module size optimized with the design of large rectangular silicon wafers, it has made improvements with a maximum power of 625W. TW Solar's TNC cells currently have a 25.7% mass production efficiency rate, with the most economical and stable mass production solution.

At the exhibition, half-cell, shingled PV modules, and many other module product models will also make an appearance. Efficient module products with TPC (Tongwei PERC Cell) technology can fully cover application scenarios and meet market needs in an all-around way. In addition, the fully flexible, low-lead and fluorine-free, environmentally friendly, and exquisitely designed shingled Terra series modules with TW Solar characteristics are perfectly suitable for the high-end household market. In Europe, one in seven households equipped with PV rooftops chooses TW Solar's Terra shingled PV modules.

Focusing on R&D Innovation and Technological Breakthroughs to Keep Leading the Development of the Industry

Since its establishment, TW Solar has continuously pursued self-development and innovation. In 2022, it invested RMB 4.40058 billion in R&D and set up three industry-leading R&D centers to spare no efforts to develop core competitive advantages in products, technologies, R&D, and services.

While its production capacity surges, TW Solar also tries to gain a deep insight into market needs worldwide. Thanks to its high-efficiency, high-quality, green, and environmentally friendly products, it has instantly obtained a number of internationally recognized certifications such as TüV, CNAS, CEC, JPEA, INMETRO, KS, Italian Fire Safety Code, MCS, and French Carbon Footprint Certification, further strengthening the expansion of international market.

From P-type to N-type, from cost reduction and efficiency improvement as a result of technological breakthroughs to large-scale development brought about by the expansion of module capacity, TW Solar always excels in the market with its multi-dimensional strength in innovative R&D and production capacity as a benchmarking enterprise. In the future, TW Solar will continue to provide efficient and high-quality energy transition solutions for Latin American and global markets, better serve customers with its intelligent manufacturing and one-stop solutions, and jointly build a green and zero-carbon community.