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Foxconn’s Model T Electric Bus Drenched in Elegant White
2021-10-22   |  Editor:et_editor  |  144 Numbers

The Hong Hai Tech Day 2021 made its debut on October 18 at TaiNEX 2. Apart from displaying the Model C SUV, Model E sedan, and Model T electric bus for the first time, Foxconn also transported the Model electric bus to the venue for visitors to get on board and perceive the riding experience.

The Model T electric bus differs from general buses as seen from its primary colors of black and silver, which gives off a minimalistic vibe that conforms to the positioning of “smart elegance”. Of course, Model T not only prioritizes on aesthetics, but its rigid design also provides excellent protection and meets the regulation and standards of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

Model T electric bus adopts black and silver as the main choices of color. (Source: Foxconn)

Climb aboard the bus and you will be greeted with a white interior, where the seats and handles are all designed ergonomically for a remarkable riding experience for all passengers.

The interior of Model T largely adopts the color of white, where seats and handles are all ergonomically designed. (Source: TechNews)

Apart from that, Foxconn has also altered the familiar bell from a square shaped button to an oval design, which adds an artistic touch.

Model T’s bell. (Source: TechNews)

For a vehicle that puts an emphasis on "smart elegance", the Model T certainly has no shortage of smart functions aside from its delicately designed exterior and interior, such as the three smart displays located at the cockpit, as well as the 48” display inside the vehicle that provides instant traffic information for the passengers. In addition, another highlight of the electric bus lies on the automatic warning system, where the warning lights on both sides of the bus would light up and remind the driver to be cautious when the detectors on both sides detect threats, such as an incorrect turning angle that may lead to collisions. Of course, the driver can also perceive the actual status through the smart display at the cockpit in order to implement instantaneous responses.

The warning light (yellow light) on the side of the bus warns the driver during possible accidents. (Source: TechNews)

In terms of energy consumption and driving range, the Model T can be configured with a maximum 400Wh battery, and has a driving distance of more than 400km, with a maximum gradability of 25% and a maximum speed of 120km/h. However, the vehicle merely attained a driving speed of 40km/h today due to the restrictions of the venue.

The Model T is currently under testing at the Automotive Research & Testing Center, and has completed 200,000km of accelerated durability testing, as well as more than 1,000 hours of rigid strength testing. Model T, upon passing the verification of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications in the future, will be expected to commence operation in Kaohsiung next year at the earliest, and the public will get to witness a smart and elegant electric bus.

 (Cover photo source: TechNews)