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Seraphim to Supply Rodina with 1GW of PV Modules
2021-06-23   |  Editor:et_editor  |  58 Numbers

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co. Ltd. (Seraphim) has entered into an agreement to provide Rodina Energy Group LLC (Rodina) with 1GW of PV modules. Based in China, Seraphim is a major manufacturer of PV modules and has a production capacity of 5.5GW. Rodina focuses on EPC and O&M of PV projects across Eastern and Central Europe. With this deal, the two parties will begin their strategic cooperation in order to expand their respective presences in the international market and promote the development of clean and renewable energy. The contract signing took place on June 4.

Polaris Li, president of Seraphim, said that the contract is the first between his company and Rodina. It is thus the start of a mutually beneficial partnership over the long term. Moreover, the deal will lay the foundation for the two companies to jointly capture more market share on a global scale. Over the recent years, Rodina has been steadily making inroads in North America and other regional market in addition to maintaining a strong presence in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Therefore, Seraphim is bullish about this deal because it fits into the company’s mission of bringing high-quality products and professional services to more international clients.

The PV modules that Seraphim will be supplying to Rodina belong to the Seraphim S4 series of monofacial and bifacial modules. The S4 series combines 182mm large-size wafers, PERC, multi-busbar, half-cut cells, and high-density encapsulation in order to achieve higher conversion efficiency and output. Seraphim has developed a high-precision production process that includes special technologies for halving and encapsulating cells. The cells are perfectly cut without any damages, and the spacings between them on the module is only 0.6mm. Seraphim’s manufacturing solution therefore reduces internal loss and micro-cracking for modules.

The S4 series is designed to be highly compatible with the existing product packaging schemes, transportation containers, and loading methods. It works with most mounting configurations and installation methods as well. Hence, S4 modules can be easily adopted for large and very large utility-scale PV projects.

Li Donghai, VP of global supply chain at Rodina, said that Seraphim not only emphasizes product quality and innovation but also has a strong sense of social responsibility. By combining high-performance modules with a mature global network of market channels, Rodina and Seraphim together can expedite the construction of PV power plants around the world. Rodina VP further commented that as the collaborative relationship deepens, the two companies will be able to jointly develop PV projects in other countries and provide high-quality services to international clients.