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Tesla Broke a New Delivery Record in First Quarter at 185K Units
2021-04-12   |  Editor:et_editor  |  54 Numbers

Tesla on April 3rd announced its delivery and production figures, which not only exceeded the forecast of the analysts, but also broke a new record as the best delivery result in the first quarter.

Despite the vigorous popularity of electric vehicles, the public is not optimistic about Tesla achieving the remarkable performance like last year amidst the fluctuating pandemic status, chip shortages, and the suspended operations owing to the winter storm.  

However, the production and sales figures of the first quarter announced by Tesla have surprised all experts.

Model S/X had a zero production capacity during the first quarter owing to the adjustments in production lines and the preparation for new versions, and a drastic decrease in delivery volume, with inventory being emptied out.

Model 3/Y were produced and delivered on a significant level that can be seen when compared to the statistics of Model Y in 2020 prior to its launch.

Most analysts believed that Tesla can only achieve a constant performance in delivery to that of first quarter in 2020 at 88K units under various conditions that affect production, and merely minority of observers thought that the company is able to arrive at a production capacity similar to that of fourth quarter in 2020 at 180K units.

 “We manufactured 180K units during the first quarter, and delivered nearly 185K units, which was primarily attributable to the astounding market reception on the China-made Model Y and the swift initiation in the corresponding production lines”, commented by Tesla. The automotive manufacturer also expressed that it is preparing to expedite on the production of the new versions of Model S/X that are currently in hot demand, with results expected next quarter.

The effect on the stock prices has yet to be seen due to the closure of the stock market, though TSLA should exhibit an apparent rising intensity next Monday since not many have predicted for such sizeable volume of delivery.

Assuming that Tesla is able to maintain the existing production capacity for Model 3/Y, alongside the recommencement of the production lines for Model S/X, the company should deliver 200K units of vehicles during the second quarter with ease.

 (Cover photo source: Tesla)