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Advantech’s Gateway Certified by TPC after AUO Amidst Commercial Opportunities in Green Power
2021-02-19   |  Editor:et_editor  |  278 Numbers

Major IPC supplier Advantech announced that its smart wireless industrial edge gateway solution has been successfully certified by TPC, and will connect with the distribution-level renewable energy management system of the latter in the future to achieve visualization of renewable energy though edge communication computing, as well as smart energy regulation and management.

According to the new green energy policy announced by the government in 2017, a power generation structure that comprises of 20% of renewable energy, 50% of natural gas, and 30% of coal-fired power is stipulated by 2025, which will provide stable power. Green energy will also become a new engine in actuating future economic development, however, an energy transformation requires smart power grids to provide a stable flow of power.

For this reason, Advantech has researched and developed an edge integration solution ECU1251 (TPC ver.), which conforms to the DNP 3.0 communication protocol required by TPC, as well as the specification certification to the testing of distribution-level renewable energy monitoring equipment for TPC. The solution is also paired with Advantech’s autonomous equipment diagnosis and smart management mechanism that can be utilized alongside DREAMS (Distributed Renewable Energy Advanced Management System) to implement real-time information and regulation on the power generation volume of the photovoltaic power generation system, in order to elevate the tenacity of grid connection between the power grid and renewable energy.

In addition, the smart industrial edge gateway ECU1251 (TPC ver.) of Advantech provides multiple interfaces, such as Modbus, as well as 2 independent network ports and 4 RS-232/485, and supports the equipment management RESTful API of DREAMS. Apart from the ability of adopting DNP 3.0 in uploading data onto the DREAMS platform, the gateway can also support multiple solar inverters.

Advantech commented that the monitoring on power volume and voltage quality through the DREAMS management system is able to reduce the impact derived from grid connection of renewable energy and maintain excellent power quality, and the company has been dedicated in achieving the corporate vision of “smart earth actuator” by upgrading on the integration of energy conservation, energy storage, and smart systems through IoT, in the hope of achieving the targets in carbon reduction, as well as co-establishing safe energy and a sustainable environment.

 (Cover photos source: TechNews)