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Legislation Governing High-Energy Consumption Users Will Come into Force in 2021. Delta: Enterprises Can Think about Energy Storage Technology on Four Fronts
2020-11-20   |  Editor:et_editor  |  140 Numbers

Articles pertaining to high energy consumption users in the Renewable Energy Development Act will be ratified next year. In essence, the articles state that when the chartered capacity on electricity consumption agreements signed by the user of electricity exceeds 5MW, the user shall install on their own or provide space to install renewable energy power generation and storage facilities with 10% of total electricity consumption. With regards to technical and application-related challenges in energy storage, Delta Electronics hosted a forum on the competitiveness of smart energy on October 15 at Energy Taiwan, during which the company shared its own expertise and experiences.

Delta indicates that energy storage systems serve the role of energy management in the development of green energy. These systems can address grid-related issues via energy allocation and adjustment, in order to raise the reliability and energy usage efficiency of electrical grids. Furthermore, energy storage systems can alleviate the pressure on the energy supply side, while at the same time supporting electricity usage on the consumption side. These systems can even optimize electricity costs and maximize renewable energy generation efficiency, in turn supporting industrial electricity consumption.

According to Delta EISBG general manager JJ Chang, through a long-term observation of global green energy development, Delta has come to understand Taiwanese enterprises’ pain points in dealing with the new legislation (outlined in the first paragraph of this article) after communicating with the market via online and on-site events. He further states that when enterprises are thinking of implementing key energy storage technologies, they can approach battery cells, battery systems, energy storage system integration, and energy management applications, among other topics, from four perspectives: energy allocation, power management, electricity conversion, and battery management.

Delta has recently completed two large-scale projects, including Taipower's Largest Energy Storage System for Xia Xing Power Station on Kinmen Island and a Total Energy Storage Solution for NCUE’s on-Campus Academic Research & Development of Smart Grids. In addition to supplying hardware for energy infrastructure, Delta also provided a host of other energy storage system services, including ROI assessment, customized solution planning, pre-shipping inspection, on-site construction, and staff training. These services, combined with Delta’s in-house energy management systems, comprise a streamlined cradle-to-grave solution.

In this forum, in addition to enumerating the various energy storage applications, key technologies, and safety certificates for large-scale electrical equipment, Delta also concatenated various industrial viewpoints and assisted enterprises in their energy transformation initiatives in technical assessment, energy system construction, power management and safety, and financial thinking.

 (Source for cover photo: Delta Electronics)