Mono-Si wafer production is expected to fluctuate slightly in July, and prices are expected to rise
2024-06-28 17:19

Wafer prices remained stable this week, with slight increases in individual sizes. Among them, the average transaction price of N-type G10L monocrystalline silicon wafers (182*183.75 mm/130μm/256mm) rose to 1.11 yuan/piece, up 0.91% month-on-month. The average transaction price of N-type G12R monocrystalline silicon wafers (182*210mm/130μm) remained at RMB 1.45/piece. The average transaction price of N-type G12 monocrystalline silicon wafers (210*210 mm/150μm) remained at RMB 1.65/piece. Recently, the wafer inventory  has continued to decline, so this week, the leading specialized companies tried to raise prices to know the attitude of cell companies.

On the supply side, integrated enterprises adjusted their supply chain strategies to solve the problem of inventory consumption, and the overall output fluctuated little in July. According to the statistics, the Chinese silicon wafer output in June was 51.31GW, a decrease of 13.98% month-on-month. Specifically, the increase mainly came from TCL Zhonghuan and Gokin Solar, and the rest of the enterprises all reduced production significantly. The maximum reduction in production for specialized companies is 10 per cent. According to the production plans of wafer manufacturers, wafer production is expected to be 50-52GW in July, mainly due to the large differences in production increase and reduction strategies of various wafer manufacturers, resulting in the further differentiation of industry echelons.

On the demand side, 52GW of cells and 50GW of modules were scheduled in June. On the cell side, the price of M10 mono TOPCon cells remained at RMB 0.3/W. Affected by terminal demand, cell production is expected to drop slightly by 1-2GW in July. Some specialized cell companies have upgraded their P-type production lines, and integrated cell companies have greatly used procurement to replace production.

On the module side, the price of 182mm TOPCon double-sided double-glass modules remained at RMB 0.86/W. Recently, module prices have continued to be sluggish, and some second- and third-tier companies have been overwhelmed and have successively stopped production and renovation. This week, the operating rates of the two first-tier enterprises increased to 50% and 95% respectively. The operating rate of integrated enterprises was reduced to between 50% and 60%, and the operating rate of the rest of enterprises was adjusted to between 30% and 100%. Wafer prices are expected to remain stable in July, and wafer prices cannot be ruled out if end demand improves.


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