Wind Power Emerges as Vital Energy Source in War-Torn Ukraine
2023-06-26 9:30

As the echoes of the Russo-Ukrainian conflict reverberate across Ukraine’s battle-scarred terrain, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of wind power. The devastating assault on Ukraine’s power infrastructure by Russia, which saw the occupation of the colossal Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant and the severing of natural gas supplies, left the nation reeling. Furthermore, Russia’ stranglehold on 90% of renewable energy resources exacerbated Ukraine’s energy crisis. However, amidst this turmoil, wind power has emerged as a beacon of resilience, proving its mettle as one of the most secure and viable energy sources during times of conflict.

Building new power plants during wartime is an arduous task. According to a report from the International Strategic Studies Center, the realization of Ukraine’s renewable energy potential, including wind power and solar energy, hinges upon the nation reclaiming control of its occupied territories. The path towards a greener energy landscape, reconstruction, and attracting foreign investments will require time and concerted efforts.     

Yet, a remarkable feat has been achieved—a triumph born from adversity. Ukraine’s foremost private energy company, DTEK, proudly announced the operational commencement of Phase 1 of the Tyligulska wind farm. Situated a mere 96 km from the front lines, this pioneering wind farm boasts 19 turbines with a collective capacity of 114 MW. The turbines tirelessly generate 390,000 kWh of electricity annually, effortlessly meeting the power demands of 200,000 Ukrainian households.

In stark contrast to conventional power plants, wind power installations hold a distinct advantage when faced with targeted attacks. Ukrainian officials emphasize the substantial buffer provided by the significant distances between each wind turbine. Decimating a wind farm would necessitate an extraordinary onslaught of dozens of missiles. While transmission lines and substations remain vulnerable to attack, the repair and restoration of wind power infrastructure prove far more expedient than their traditional counterparts.

The Tyligulska wind farm proudly boasts wind turbines sourced from the Danish company, Vestas. These engineering marvels bear witness to rotor blade diameters surpassing an impressive 152m, with each turbine tipping the scales at a staggering 800 tons. Evheniy Moroz, the project manager of Tyligulska, recalls the awe-inspiring journey that commenced in February 2022, coincided with the outbreak of war. Despite initial setbacks, construction rapidly gained momentum.

In a testament to resilience and unwavering determination, work resumed in August of the following year. Yet, foreign contractors and vital heavy machinery had vanished, leaving Ukraine with the daunting task of sourcing a crane capable of hoisting a colossal 100-ton load. The repaired crane, a symbol of unwavering tenacity, marked the resurgence of progress. As the second phase of Tyligulska looms on the horizon, an additional 64 turbines will grace the landscape, catapulting the total capacity to 500 MW. Given the prevailing circumstances in Ukraine, the €450 million investment required for the second phase predominantly relies on the support of foreign investors and financial institutions.

While renewable energy accounted for a modest 12% of Ukraine’s total electricity generation in 2020, a mere shadow compared to their EU neighbors, the Tyligulska wind farm signifies a turning tide. With a capacity reaching the zenith of 500 MW, the wind farm reigns as Eastern Europe’s unrivaled titan. Nonetheless, it represents a mere 1% of Ukraine’s pre-war power generation. Notably, since the Russo-Ukrainian war erupted, Ukraine has surpassed the United Kingdom in onshore wind turbine installations, leaving the latter with a meager two turbines boasting a cumulative capacity of 1 MW.

 This transformative journey towards sustainable energy transcends mere transition; it epitomizes the indomitable spirit of a nation determined to construct a better future, even in the darkest of times.

 (Image Source: Unsplash)

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