TASS2023 and Hydrogen and Clean Energies Expo Collaborate to Create the Largest-Ever Net Zero Transformation Exhibition
2023-10-04 15:03


The 2023 Sustainable Taiwan Expo(TASS2023), one of the influential sustainability exhibitions and ESG solutions platforms in Asia, will take place from November 22nd to 24th at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center. This year, "Hydrogen and Clean Exergies Expo" will be held together to make a big net-zero transition event. Join us to create cross-industry networking and business opportunities and visit the official TASS 2023 website at

TASS2023, themed "Solutions toward Net Zero," is the only net-zero transformation exhibition that focuses exclusively on supply chain solutions in Taiwan. It features six major exhibition categories including Resource Circulation, Water, Energy, Institutions, Pollution Prevention, and Sustainable City. This year, with strong supports from National Development Council, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Environment, National Science and Technology Council, and Ministry of Transportation and communications, well-known enterprises such as Taipower, CPC Corporation, China Steel Corporation (CSC), Taiwan Water Corporation, and companies like ASE, Taya Group, Transcene Corp., BSI, MIRDC, and National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology etc. will join the exhibition and offer the most comprehensive ESG trends and solutions.

TASS2023 closely follows industrial needs and work with the Circular Economy Promotion Office of the Ministry of Economic Affairs for "Taiwan Circular Economy Forum." It focuses on ESG solutions, net-zero buildings, energy transition, and resource recycling. Experts from various industries around the world are invited to share the latest trends and solutions, expecting to stimulate more cross-industry collaborations.

The Business Exchange is a highlight activity of the Sustainable Taiwan Expo. It invites major electricity consumers, carbon emitters, RE100 members, environmental health and safety managers, and facility managers from the supply chain to participate in over 120 cooperation meetings with solution providers in areas such as resource recycling, water resources, clean energy, energy storage, energy efficiency, pollution prevention, sustainable construction, transportation, green finance, and green manufacturing. Fruitful cooperation opportunities are the value generated and expected.

Hydrogen plays a crucial role in Taiwan's Pathway to Net-Zero in 2050 by the National Development Council, especially it is included in the twelve key strategies. The "Hydrogen and Clean Energies Expo" is jointly organized by the Taiwan Legislative Association for Hydrogen and Clean Energy and the Taiwan Association for Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell(THEFC) and held for the first time this year. The expo focuses on hydrogen applications to achieve net-zero cities. Exhibitors include Bloom Energy, a leading U.S. hydrogen equipment manufacturer, TOYOTA, the brand producing the world's first hydrogen car, and domestic heavyweights in the hydrogen industry such as Chung-Hsin Electric and Machinery Manufacturing Corp. (CHEM), Linde LienHwa Group, and Asia Hydrogen Energy Corp etc. They will showcase the latest developments and technological applications of hydrogen energy, as well as the newest products like hydrogen buses and hydrogen motorcycles. This expo, gathering prominent domestic and international players in the hydrogen energy sector, is expected to accelerate the industrial development of the hydrogen energy.