Solar Power Overtakes Oil Spending for First Time with Global Investment of $1 Billion Per Day According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the global investment in solar power is set to exceed that in oil production, de.. [more]
2023-05-26 15:59
Netherlands to Build 500m Solar-Power Bicycle Lane in North Brabant Province The Netherlands government is set to construct a 500m solar-power bicycle lane in the North Brabant province and test its performance f.. [more]
2023-05-24 9:30
New Concentrated Solar Power Application; Green Hydrogen Produced by Artificial Photosynthesis What seemingly looks like a blue satellite dish is actually a solar reactor developed by Swiss scientists that not only generated high-ef.. [more]
2023-05-09 9:30
Vena Energy Officially Activates Largest PV Island in Taiwan at 272MW Vena Energy has finished the construction of its new Xinxing Power Plant regarded as the “largest PV island in Taiwan”, which has.. [more]
2023-05-08 9:30