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Tesla Opens the First Supercharger in Taitung with a Total of 50 Charging Stations in Taiwan
2022-07-20   |  Editor:et_editor  |  158 Numbers

Tesla Taiwan inaugurated the latest supercharger yesterday (July 19), adding the number of superchargers in Taiwan to 50 with more convenience for drivers.

Tesla announced that it achieved the “50th supercharger” milestone in Taiwan and will connect all the charging stations and hold the “50 Superchargers, Travel Easier” celebration event on July 24. Between July 24 and July 25, the EV maker will offer discounts of up to 50% at selected Superchargers in Taiwan, inviting its car owners to enjoy the special offer feast.

Tesla Taiwan has already launched 50 charging stations with nearly 300 Superchargers. The latest stations include the Taitung─Changbin, Tainan─Shanhua , and New Taipei─Fab Green Village stations. The Taitung station has complemented the charging network in eastern Taiwan, demonstrating a shift of Tesla’s station installation focus from major highways to tourist destinations. 

The new Taitung─Changbin station is located right next to Runners’ House Taitung, a local B&B, with four Superchargers available. Tesla owners staying at the B&B by the end of August can get a 5% discount on accommodation. As a reminder, don’t forget to move your car from the Supercharger once it is fully charged to avoid being billed for an idle fee. Runners’ House has no parking lot nor any AC chargers.    

To celebrate the Supercharger milestone, Tesla will roll out the Supercharger Cable Organizer on July 22 on its online store. The cable holder, which is made using 3D CAD models, is a proportionally minified miniature of a Tesla Supercharger; it can simply be a decoration and add some fun to cable holding, offering a unique experience for its owners to use the “mini Supercharger” on the table.

Despite EVs being a definite future trend, potential buyers are mostly concerned about the location problem for EV charging. Tesla has been building Supercharger stations in the world. Indeed, the cost is high, but the results are great. For example, Tesla has the most charging stations in the Taiwanese EV market and helps its customers save the trouble of trip planning, making it a big selling point of Tesla vehicles.    

The EV company has smartly created “quasi-rest areas” beside the charging stations by, for instance, revamping an abandoned rice plant into a rest area where drivers can use the restroom, get something to drink, have some snacks and continue their trip after the car (as well as their mind) is fully charged.    

Currently, several Superchargers are all set and ready for final approval to be turned on. If the plan goes on smoothly, the EV company should have more than 60 charging stations in Taiwan by the end of 2022.

 (Photo credit: Tesla Taiwan)