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Foxconn Plans EVs for All Southeast Asia! Young Liu Meets with Thai Prime Minister Prayuth
2022-06-29   |  Editor:et_editor  |  98 Numbers

Foxconn Chairman Liu Yangwei met with Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha this afternoon. The two sides discussed the development direction of electric vehicles (EV) in Thailand and Foxconn's business model of Build Operate Localize (BOL) to build a local Industry chain strategy for exchange and discussion.

During Young Liu's current trip to Southeast Asia, he first met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then with Indonesian President Jokowi, and the latest stop was to Thailand to meet with Prime Minister Prayuth. The Thai Prime Minister welcomed the Foxconn delegation and invited Foxconn to invest more in Thailand in the future, emphasizing that the government will support various investment plans in Thailand, including EVs and semiconductors.

Deputy Prime Minister Supattanapon of Thailand shared at the meeting that Thailand is creating an EV environment and promoting the "30/30 policy" of zero-waste emission vehicles, highlighting the development potential of Thailand's vehicle industry.

Young Liu emphasized that Foxconn's determination to continue investing in Thailand, through the BOL strategy, will help the local auto industry to switch to EV technology and further build Thailand into an important hub for the EV industry. He also hopes that the Thai government will continue to support these efforts.

PTT, Foxconn's partner in Thailand, also participated in today's visit. In the future, the two parties will accelerate the progress of cooperation and jointly create an EV ecosystem, making Thailand a regional production center for EVs.

(Image: Foxconn)