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Only One Chinese Brand Is Selected Among Chinese Consumers’ Top 3 Favorites
2021-11-17   |  Editor:et_editor  |  200 Numbers

According to the coverage of foreign media CNBC, Bernstein’s survey on 1,600 Chinese consumers regarding their favorite EV brand shows that a Chinese brand is the crowd’s favorite, followed by another two overseas brands.

The survey results indicate that Chinese consumers are most favorable of the Chinese brand BYD, followed by Tesla, and then Volkswagen.

Chinese startups are still ranked at first place, followed by tesla, and then high-end German brands such as BMW and Audi, if the survey is segmented into upper mass and premium.

Most of the interviewees live in major cities in China, with an average age of 32, and a monthly salary of roughly RMB 19,000 (approx. NT$83,699). The report points out that nearly 50% of the interviewees would consider getting an EV for the next purchase. Compared to past years, the ratio for the consideration in purchasing a car from NIO and XPeng Motors has doubled this year from 5% to 9.5%.

However, high-end German brands are the most popular among all auto categories, and then Japanese brands Toyota, Honda, and Nissan, followed by BYD Geely. EV startups are ranked at 6th place for this particular ranking.

China is currently the largest auto market in the world, and many auto manufacturers are treating the country as the starting point in actuating EV development. Volkswagen occupies 41% of China’s total sales volume, while Porsche had a YoY increase of 11% over merely the first three quarters in the Chinese market, and the latest EV Taycan has also exceeded flagship sports car 911 in sales.

 (Cover photo source: pixabay)