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Lianyungang Gets Its First PV-Powered EV Charging Station with Car Wash
2021-10-05   |  Editor:et_editor  |  125 Numbers

According to the reporting by local Chinese news outlets, Lianyungang’s first PV-powered EV charging station with car wash entered operation on September 26. The facility is located next to a major hotel and designated as a demonstration green energy project. Lianyungang is a port city in the northeastern part of China’s Jiangsu Province. The facility is opened ahead of China’s National Day holiday and will be providing EV charging and self-serve car wash services to tourists who have traveled to the city in their NEVs.

In terms of specifications, the charging station has an installed capacity of 23kW and an annual electricity output of 25,000kWh. The site of the station contains five AC charging piles that are rated 7kW and two DC charging piles. Also, the station has self-serve car wash equipment. During its operational lifecycle, the station is projected to bring a total saving of RMB 400,000 in electricity cost for its operator, which is Shenzhen Hotel next door. The station will also help the hotel lower its air pollution and fossil fuel consumption. Specifically, the station will bring about a 6.2MT reduction in coal consumption, a 15MT reduction in CO2 emissions, a 0.8MT reduction in SO2 emissions, and a 4MT reduction in particular matter. Hence, the one-of-its-kind facility in the city not only attains the “net-zero emission” status but also brings significant economic and environmental benefits to its operator as well as its surrounding areas.